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What is SMT printer?

author: click::417 Publication time:2022-05-07

The types of SMT printing presses are divided into 1. Manual printing table 2. Semi-automatic printing press 3. Fully automatic printing press.

Printing machine is a device that prints solder paste onto PCB, and it affects the process and quality.

Functions of SMT automatic printing press

Functions of SMT automatic printing press

1. Substrate processing function:

The substrate processing function includes the transmission, transportation, positioning and support of PCB substrate.

* Transmission and transportation refers to the moving in and out of the PCB, and the slight movement back and forth before the PCB is fixed.

* The positioning of the substrate can be divided into hole positioning and edge positioning, and optical positioning can be supplemented to ensure the accuracy of the position.

* The support of the substrate is to keep the printed PCB in a flat plane, so that the PCB substrate does not

Deformation and distortion occur.

2. Centering the base plate and steel mesh:

The alignment between the base plate and the steel mesh includes mechanical centering and optical centering, and optical centering is the correction of mechanical centering, which greatly improves the printing accuracy.

3. Control function of scraper:

The functions of controlling the scraper of printing press include pressure, speed, pressing depth, scraper angle, scraper lifting, etc.

4. Control function of steel mesh:

The control of the steel screen of the printing press includes the adjustment of the flatness of the steel screen, the control of the distance between the steel screen and the substrate, the control of the separation mode and the automatic cleaning setting of the steel screen.


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