Performance/Advantages/Disadvantages of SMT AOI Equipment in Workshop

2022-05-07 435

1. equipment performance parameters

Model item parameters

Specification PCB size L-shaped Large: (50x50mm~520x480mm)

PCB thickness 0.6 mm ~ 4.5 mm

PCB height /Top:35mm; Lower /Bottom: 50mm

Bending of PCB with warpage less than 3mm is acceptable.

Optical parameter resolution is 10 \ 15 \ 20um/Pixel.

The field of vision FOV field of vision level is FOV Level 38.4*32mm

0.25 sec/FOV speed

Digital high-speed camera, 5 megapixel CCD camera

Optical lens fixed focus telecentric optical lens

RGB+W four-color ring programmable strobe light source

2. Advantages of equipment:

The equipment can accurately detect defects such as missing parts, less tin, standing sideways, short circuit, polarity, vertical parts, wrong parts, etc. before and after the CHIP, SENSOR, MIC, USB, QFN, BGA and other components are mounted in the furnace. 2. The database of component types can be made so as to call the component information when doing other product programs, improve the program production efficiency and reduce the debugging time. 3. The equipment can identify the board and detect

3. Equipment shortcomings

1. Items that cannot be detected by AOI; Parts /PCB blistering /PCB deformation /PCB silk screen printing /PCB surface dirty /PCB attached with solder beads/cold welding/floating height /PCB surface scratch /IC surface scratch/solder cracking /BGA.DDR bad solder spots/gold fingers stained with tin.

2. Unfeasurable reasons, multiple pieces: in order not to increase Cycle Time, no detection box will be set for pads without component assembly.

3.PCB blistering /PCB deformation /PCB silk screen printing /PCB surface dirty /PCB surface scratch/gold finger stained with tin: AOI will not detect it because it is not in the detection frame.

4. Solder beads attached to 4.PCB: If the solder beads are not in the detection frame, they will not be detected.

5. Cold welding: The detection of solder spots is based on the principle of refraction of light to solder joints. The gray value calculated during AOI detection, because the tin spot of cold welding has no reflection of light source, AOI can't detect cold welding.

6. Floating height: AOI is 2D vertical detection, and height cannot be determined.

4. Detect bad pictures

CHIP, SENSOR, MIC, USB, QFC, BGA and other components can be detected before and after the furnace, such as missing parts, less tin, side standing, short circuit, polarity and bad vertical parts.