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Job responsibilities of SMT solder paste printer

author: click::380 Publication time:2022-05-07

1. Printing quality control

The printer should be responsible for the quality of the printed plates, and cannot pull down the plates with tin, less tin and more tin.

2. Steel mesh protection

Printers should be careful when using and installing the steel mesh. The stirring knife cannot be placed on the steel mesh to prevent the steel mesh and scraper from being damaged when the scraper is pressed down. Special attention should be paid to the placement of thimbles. Other sundries except thimbles cannot be placed under the steel mesh.

3. Cleaning and storage of steel mesh

Every time after using the steel mesh, the surface, side and mesh of the steel mesh should be carefully cleaned, especially the mesh of the steel mesh should be cleaned with a toothbrush, so as to prevent it from being blocked by solder paste and affecting the tin. The steel mesh should be stored on the steel rack, and the side with logo should be facing the outside, which is easy to find.

4. Use of solder paste

The use of solder paste should strictly follow the guidelines for the use of solder paste, and only one third of the bottles can be placed on the steel net at a time. After 4 hours of printing, it should be recycled and stirred again. The solder bottle should be scraped clean to prevent waste. Pay attention to complete recovery of solder paste on steel mesh and scraper.

5. Mistaken printing plate cleaning

For the cleaning of the misprinted board, first use a stirring knife to scrape the solder paste on the board surface, but be careful not to scratch the PCB too hard. Then wipe the board surface with cloth or paper dipped in board washing water, and be careful to wipe it clean. Then blow-dry the PCB with an air gun. For PCB with gold fingers, pay special attention not to immerse the board in the board washing water, but to wipe it with cloth or paper, and not the gold fingers. Gold fingers should not be stuck with solder paste.

6. Cleaning of printing press

Printers should clean the printing press at any time to keep the machine clean, especially without solder paste or marks everywhere.

7, steel mesh installation

For the installation of steel mesh, the printer should pay attention to the one-time installation in place, and master the installation skills and methods, especially the fixing of PCB, which must be fixed well to increase the repetition accuracy of printing.

8. Safe operation of equipment

Please refer to the Equipment Operation Guide for the use and safe operation of the printing press. In case of any abnormal situation, press the emergency switch immediately to prevent the machine from being injured.

Man accident. Especially when the scraper is sharp, the action should be gentle during the operation. When cleaning the steel mesh, be careful not to be cut and crushed by the scraper.


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