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SMT internal production material handover management regulations

author: click::324 Publication time:2022-06-15

According to the production management documents, the raw materials, electronic materials and other incoming materials and the internal material handover, consumption addition and withdrawal of the production line are stipulated, so that the data management of raw materials and production process defects is effectively controlled, thereby reducing loss, controlling costs, and improving production efficiency, the following are specific control methods: 1, Material group raw material handover: 1.1 According to the production plan instructions in advance, the material controller will prepare the material to the raw material area of the department 1.2 and the warehouse when handing over the material the number of material work orders need to be consistent with the physical object, if necessary, the department material accounting specialist to provide a BOM order to ensure that the material material data is accurate. Each pallet must be accompanied by the batch status identification, and the special materials must be isolated. 1.3 The material controller cannot distinguish the parameter label clearly on the packaging surface, according to the parameters provided by the warehouse distributor, and clearly marked in the packaging bag for verification by the production line personnel. Immediate feedback to the person in charge of the relevant responsible department (material team leader or warehouse supervisor) who finds serious defects such as short packing and damage that will affect performance. 1.4 When the material controller and the production line hand over the materials, both parties must count and confirm that the specifications, parameters and quantity are correct before signing on the production picking list. 1.5 The production picking list (list) must be kept for more than half a year for accounting. SMT internal production material handover 2, production line internal material control and handover regulations 2.1 Production plan instruction adjustment leads to secondary handover between raw material production lines, directly by the team leader or special person responsible. 2.2 The team leader who receives the adjusted production instruction takes the initiative to propose the material handover, and the material must be matched. If it is found that the raw materials are short or less materials during the handover, the original production team leader shall be responsible for opening an additional order, and shall not delay the original production on-line time. 2.3 Both parties to the transfer shall sign after confirming that the material data is correct. 2.4 All material control personnel in the workshop and the personnel related to the collection of materials in the workshop must be according to the batch of materials, according to the wholesale materials, and must not be moved privately, if there is a plan to adjust the materials that need to be moved, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the plan commissioner and the material control team. At the same time, it is necessary to record the form data related to the material transfer for verification. Punitive measures: If the plan is adjusted without permission, the delivery time will be delayed, and the performance of the current month will be deducted, and the serious circumstances will be demoted. 2.5 production line drop light source to 5/10,000, Class A components to one thousandth (such as IC, transistor, diode), chip resistance / capacitor to two thousandths of the control target, 7S commissioner daily need to audit the production line dumping, the violation of the material control regulations into the performance appraisal, the operator needs to throw the material in time before the end of the batch, so as not to cause quality accidents caused by the mixture, switch batches to do a good job of prenatal cleaning (cleaning and throwing)." 2.6 When the batch cannot end in time due to planned adjustment or under-materials, the identification and isolation shall be done in order according to the station position table. Prevent material drops and reduce the time required for secondary production 2.7 The team leader promptly informs the technician to change the equipment parameters and notifies the PE high commissioner to analyze the reasons in depth 2.8 The remaining material processing method after the end is completed 1) The whole disk is well controlled and clearly marked, handed over to the material group for unified management, and the higher value of the recyclable warehouse treatment (special requirements) 2) The bulk material is marked according to the specification parameters (can not be placed at the production site), stored in the control cabinet with storage requirements, which is conducive to secondary making Handover of defective materials 3, material consumption, defective returns, supplementary handover regulations: 3.1 Poor raw materials should be issued on the day of production to open an internal contact form for return, write the "Internal Contact List" to the person in charge of the quality department SQE to sign, and uniformly open a return list to the material team commissioner. The return work order and the physical product are put together and marked. At the same time as returning the material, an supplementary form is opened, indicating the reason for the supplement and the responsibility attribution department, and the rectification measures (countermeasures) that exceed the police control line must be attached, otherwise the addition will not be allowed, and the signature of the relevant responsible person will be issued. Remarks: Bearing ratio: 50% of the company, 50% of the individual, the loss ratio of standard Class A materials (IC, light source, PCB) 0.01%, Class B materials (terminals, connectors) 0.1%, Class C materials (resistive capacity, diodes) 0.3% 3.2 The person in charge of material control checks whether the data and physical objects of the consumed defects are consistent. And open a return work order and an additional work order. 3.3 The supplementary form should be filled in according to the specifications, and indicate the latest replenishment time, which will be submitted to the team leader and section chief for review and then transferred to the department manager for review. 3.4 The material consumption exceeds the supplementary part of the material control line in the workshop, and the line machine operation and responsible cadres shall bear the costs (based on the principle of not adding) or be included in the performance appraisal of the current month. 3.5 Material consumption supplementary orders (internal contact lists) and work orders must be kept for more than half a year for accounting purposes. 3.6 Precautions for the return of defective products 1) Before 10:30 a.m. and before 15:30 p.m. (this regulation can be determined according to the situation) After the material supplementary list process is signed off, the relevant data is uniformly summarized and entered into the tracking table, fill in the data truthfully and explain the reasons for the failure to be in place in time, and the material team leader will track it. If it cannot be put in place within the required time, it should be reported to the section chief in time and the step-by-step feedback that cannot be handled in time. The above provisions will be implemented from December 26, 2015, and the teams or individuals who do not implement them will be dealt with in accordance with the reward and punishment regulations of the company and the department. The document is overseen by the head of department or department manager.


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