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SMT SMT workshop SMT machine program production and management scheme

author: click::290 Publication time:2022-05-20

Product management to standardize the SMT placement workshop placement machine program production, change, optimization, naming, preservation, invocation and other operating procedures, and then to ensure the correct application and acquisition of the program, to prevent human error and repetitive operations, improve work efficiency and process quality, made a set of SMT workshop placement machine program management regulations, now share with you for reference: SMT patch workshop placement machine program production and management program 1, the placement machine program naming principle 1.1 format is as follows: XXXXX-X-XXXXXX representative version The first two X-X representatives mixed paste scheme the last two XX representative product models 1.2 Description A, product model: The BOM product model shall prevail. B, mixed paste scheme: the proportion of mixed paste scheme C, program version: according to the A.B.CZ according to the order of change naming example: light plate model T5G14W lamp bead mixed paste scheme ratio of 1 to 2; First production. Its full name is T5G14W (1 to 2)2, and the SMT technician who makes the STV program is responsible for the production and adjustment of the program, and the engineer confirms it. 3, the SMT machine program verification of all products in production, including trial production to mass production of products at various stages, in the control and arrangement of the program for the first time online production and change, the quality according to the following program to check its correctness. 3.1 Confirm that the "parts supply status" of the station position in the program and the material use list of the scheme table should be consistent, and then confirm whether the corresponding tag/reference of the component is consistent, and there should be no fewer pieces, wrong parts, and more pieces. 3.2 Component direction confirmation: Polar or directional component mounting angle in the trial production according to the sample board or lamp bead specification requirements to confirm the arrangement of program 4, the SMT program change to improve production efficiency, can be optimized by engineers, workshop technicians to optimize the program, and notify QC to confirm. 


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