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SMT operator material change process

author: click::297 Publication time:2022-06-23

operator changing process one, operator changing process: 1, first check whether the SMT chip machine has the material that is about to be pasted, and the corresponding material is ready, when there is no disk material or used material, take a component to the IPQC to measure its value, there is a silk screen print to see the screen print, after the IPQC confirmation to do a good job of marking, to reduce the search time. 2, when the SMT chip machine alarm, first turn off the SMT machine alarm, notify IPCC to come to the material, and open the safety cover, security measures. 3, then check the computer displayed material name, specifications, whether it corresponds to the material on the dismantled Feida to ensure that the dismantled material is correct. 4, after completing the above actions, the material prepared in advance is checked with the removed material plate, and the station table displayed by the machine is checked, the main points are: A: confirm the specifications of the component (for example: 060308051206, etc.) B: confirm the product name of the component (such as: R10K100K, etc.) C: confirm the error of the component (D±0.5% F±1% J±5% K±10%) D: confirm the direction of the tube IC or have a polar diode, and carefully check its polarity and product name. 5, and quickly exchange the materials on the Feida, on the corresponding position. Check whether feeder has undesirable safety phenomena such as high warping, cover the safety cover, and perform automatic placement production. 6, Finally, IPCC makes a record and checks whether the POSTed PCBA is consistent with the first piece; When the IPQC is not in place, the operator makes a record on its behalf and notifies the IPQC to check it when it returns. 7, cleaning and maintenance must always do a good job in the refueling area 7S, always keep the refueling area is not redundant, do not use materials, items, keep neat, clean, clean, hygienic, etc. 8, the entire material change action is completed in 58 seconds. Second, the operator changes the material precautions: 1, in exchange for the material when The Feida gently holds and puts, pay attention to the machine, the safety of the Feida. (Machine safety) 2, pay attention to the safe operation of personnel when changing materials. (Personal Safety) 3, keep the 7S in the material change area and around the machine


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