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Specification for PCB Golden Finger Appearance Inspection

author: click::443 Publication time:2022-06-30

H. specification for appearance inspection of gold fingers H-1. the distance between convex angle 

H-1-1 gold fingers is > 0.38mm (15mil), and there is at least 2/3 distance between gold fingers. the distance between 

H-1-2 gold fingers is < 0.38mm (15mil). There should be no convex corner phenomenon. Golden finger spacing > 0.38 mm (15 mil), such as ISA/EISA Card, etc. H-2 notch 

H-2-1 notch should not exceed 20% in the finger area of a single golden hand. If it does not exceed 20% of the gold fingers, there shall be no more than two points (including two points) on each side. 

H-3 scratches H-3-1 gold finger scratches shall not expose the substrate (copper or nickel). 

H-3-2 gold finger scratches and unexposed materials shall not exceed the gold finger index of 1/5. H-4. The sunken point of 

H-4-1 gold finger on one side. The maximum diameter shall not exceed 0.38mm(15mil) and there shall be no more than two spots on a single side. 

H-5. Tin-dipping: 80% from the edge of the gold finger of the PC Board shall be free of tin-dipping. H-6. Small white spots (tin, Lead) 

H-6-1. No small white spots within 1.5mm of the contact area. 

H-6-2. No more than six spots on each single surface. 

H-6-3. The diameter of tin (lead) spots < 0.4 mm 

H-7. Oxidation-no oxidation of gold fingers. No exposure of copper or nickel in H-8-no exposure of gold fingers.


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