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Added SMT patch workshop production line configuration scheme

author: click::298 Publication time:2022-07-07

According to the actual situation of your unit, based on the premise of economical, efficient, high technology content, low operating input and other factors, under the condition of meeting the production requirements, it has the balance of the wire body, and the most adequate technical consideration for future scalability, to meet the production requirements of μBGA, CSP, FLIP, CHIP, CHIP, 01005 and special-shaped components, reduce the investment risk of production equipment, and improve the rate of return. 

The new SMT patch workshop production line configuration scheme is as follows: upper plate machine - printing machine SPI + OK rework station placement machine - AOI + OK rework station reflow soldering machine - lower plate machine - AOISMT patch workshop production line configuration scheme adopts speedprint printing machine, which processes PCB board size up to 500×500mm; All moving parts are achieved with a 1μ linear encoder for more consistent accuracy; Suitable for rapid product change, avoiding double-sided panel operation errors; Using a patented downilling system, there is no need to calibrate the alignment camera, you can detect the remaining amount of solder paste on the mesh plate, with or without a reference point can be calibrated; The squeegee adopts pressure closed-loop control, which can change the scraper pressure according to the feedback. The use of PARMISPI for in-line solder paste printing inspection can present the 3D shape of the measured object as if it were a real thing, without any distortion; Warptracking (streamline tracking shooting) function is compensated in time, and the substrate expansion and contraction measurement and plate bend measurement can be carried out; Detect the condition from the remote control machine, and provide its solution remotely if a problem occurs; According to each shift, the production conditions that occur in each shift can be distinguished, and the more symptoms can be analyzed and improved. The use of the new SMT patch workshop production line configuration scheme line small feedback system (PARMISPI will feedback the analysis data to the speedprint printing machine) makes it possible to correct the error before the printing press through the data analysis of the detector, and the data analysis of the detector is used to correct the printing machine, so that the printing machine can be more accurately positioned, which greatly reduces the positioning error. Adopt Europlace placement machine, using a single machine to process a full range of components; The server automatically reads and optimizes the suction position of each feeder; Smart nozzles can handle profiled elements and long connectors from 01005 to 99x99mm; It can automatically load the circuit board, significantly reducing the loading and transfer time of the circuit board, and improving the production efficiency; According to the production demand, the position of the feeder can be changed arbitrarily without modifying the placement procedure; "AutoSelf-Teach" allows customers to analyze and build a reliable package in less than 2 minutes by automatically measuring the height, dimensions and corners of components online or offline; It has a huge feeder tray with a feeder capacity of 264×8mm; The machine can ask about the smart feeder that has been prepared in advance when offline; According to the different needs of production, customers may need to complete the dispensing or solder paste on the same machine at any time; With component electrical detection function, unqualified components can be detected before placement, which solves the problem product from the root cause; Through the whole process of tracking, the actual activity of each component is monitored. Use BTU reflow soldering, equipped with independent temperature control system and over temperature protection system; Standard lead-free soldering configuration, maximum heating temperature 350°C; The temperature control accuracy reaches ±0.5 °C, the PID control response speed is fast, and the transverse temperature uniformity of the mesh belt is ±2 °C; Forced cooling zone length 1219mm, air cooled; PCB product board effective working width of 2 inches to 18 inches (50-457.2mm); rail electric adjustment width; track long-term parallel precision, equipped with chain stop alarm and speed deviation alarm; Chain program-controlled automatic refueling lubrication, refueling amount adjustable; Electric upper cover lifting and lowering, and equipped with safety protection switch; Static pressure control, heating zone and cooling zone motor infinite frequency conversion speed regulation, can control the hot air pressure of the air outlet, according to different process conditions to set different pressures can improve temperature uniformity and peak value temperature range time, strengthen the flexibility of the adjustment curve, to avoid the offset of small components; Powerful moment overload protection between the conveyor chain and the drive motor; BTU special control software WINCON, simple and convenient operation; It has the function of automatic switching on and off. For the problem products that occur during the testing process, the OK rework station is used for manual maintenance, and the OK rework station is economical and easy to use, providing the rework function during the top BGA, CSP and QFN with professional performance; It can easily adjust the time of the reflux zone or adjust the heating rate, and make the PCB surface evenly preheat; Can be quickly raised to the required reflux temperature, for sensitive parts that cannot be heated more than 250 ° C, will not cause thermal damage; Dual convection preheaters can be switched or preheated at any time and at different temperatures or at different temperatures, optimizing process time to meet higher requirements of lead-free rework; Higher thermal performance can be achieved by connecting the reflux nozzle to the top reflux heater above the rework part and the center heater below it. Bottom nozzles add an advantage in preventing thermal damage to adjacent parts under the PCB. SMT patch workshop configuration scheme SMT patch workshop production line configuration scheme advantages 1. Ease of use high efficiency: due to good production line balance, less downtime, short product time and other factors, so that the effective time of production increases, the actual output is high, the average actual production efficiency is more than 80%. It has been well received in the industry. The implementation of the whole line closed-loop control greatly reduces manual operation, but also reduces the production time and improves the production efficiency; Step-by-step detection makes the problem product detected immediately without flowing into the next process, which greatly reduces the generation of problem products, but also saves production time, and the problem products will not stay too long on the line. 2. Low operating cost 1) The drive part adopts linear motor, and the image analysis adopts digital camera, which ensures that the equipment is leading in the industry. Linear motors not only ensure the accuracy of the equipment but also reduce unnecessary maintenance and reduce customer costs. The digital camera can better analyze the components, increase the chip accuracy, and ensure the image analysis of the 01005-50*50mm component. 2) After a one-time investment, the actual production and maintenance is low, and the consumption of spare parts is small. For example, the suction nozzle has a long life, with an average of about 12 months; The patch nozzle is made of three materials, composed of three parts, and the price is low, which provides a strong guarantee for effectively controlling the production cost. Because the design is mostly based on electronic control. Therefore, there are no metal parts such as cams, connecting rods, etc. 3) Convenient maintenance: simple mechanical structure, convenient equipment maintenance, low cost.4) Good product conversion: Due to the unique fully intelligent feeder system, users can quickly replace the product type, convenient and flexible, with an average of about 5 minutes. 5) There are no special requirements for the production environment (electricity, gas, temperature and humidity and hygiene cleanliness), and the daily maintenance workload is small. 6) The mechanical and electrical structure is simple, which reduces the difficulty and intensity of the personnel's work, and reduces the user's excessive investment and concern in personnel training. 7) BTU's air furnace basically does not require special shutdown maintenance, and the BTU nitrogen furnace only needs to do PM once every 3 months. In terms of nitrogen consumption, due to BTU's efficient Flux recovery treatment system and innovative nitrogen recycling technology, coupled with excellent sealing performance, the nitrogen consumption of BTU furnaces is greatly reduced, which can save more than 40%-50% of the advantages of nitrogen SMT SMT workshop production line configuration scheme 3. Intelligent Due to the unique fully intelligent feeder system, users can quickly change product types, convenient and flexible, The hardware effectively prevents the occurrence of operational errors. The application of the solder paste detection feedback system reduces errors and improves accuracy. 4. High flexibility 1). Suitable for all kinds of PCB/components. 2). The difference with the traditional SMT SMT line: multiple machines can form a complete function line, can also be separated to form a number of production lines with the same complete function, the best balance between the machines connected to the line, to avoid the "bottleneck" phenomenon. 3). The product is good in convertibility, and it is very easy to replace the product. 5. Sustainability 1). Scalability of the equipment: Europlacer's unique versatility and true intelligent feeder facilitate the expansion and rewiring of future assembly lines. The versatility of feeders and spare parts effectively reduces the amount of reinvestment. Strong special-shaped component processing capabilities, compatibility with future devices such as BGA, CSP, uBGA, Socket, FlipChip, etc., has been recognized by many customers. 2). Product compatibility: Europlacer's unique versatility and true intelligent feeder, can produce mobile phones, laptops, communication motherboards, memory sticks and other electronic products. The unique 3DPS function guarantees the placement of POP. 3). Advantages of external processing: Europlacer machine can not only undertake large-scale product processing, but also undertake multi-variety and small-batch product processing. 4). Equipment parameters: the world's placement machine has the largest number of feeders up to 264 * 8mm and 10 waffle discs, a wide range of patches (standard configuration) 01005-50 * 50mm optional up to 70 * 70mm, a variety of options: dispensing head / electrical performance test / circuit board and component tracking ...


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