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How SMT quality should be controlled checked

author: click::296 Publication time:2022-07-08

How should we control the quality of SMT, after years of sharing of SMT proofing work experience, the control method is roughly as follows:

 how should SMT quality be controlled and inspected 1, employee self-inspection: All processes are self-inspected by employees after they are completed. 2, inspection tour: SMT / PCBA / assembly and packaging workshop respectively set up a full-time IPQA, in accordance with the relevant work book, all production processes to implement periodic inspection, key control: a. staff operation standardization; b. material identification and non-conforming products control; c. machine operation normality and parameter monitoring; d. key processes random sampling of processed semi-finished products for inspection; e. electrostatic protection, etc.; f. workshop environment and 5S conditions, etc.; g. other requirements applicable. 3, IPQA inspection: IPQA according to the results of the inspection to do a good job of "IPQA inspection record". 4, the first article inspection: a. When the product is pulled and the process is improved, the ipqC does the first article inspection, and after the IPQC first inspection is qualified, the IPQA will be inspected. b. According to the product process, the company determines that the first article inspection will be carried out at three points after SMT processing, PCBA and assembled finished products; cIPQC according to the requirements of the relevant process to implement the first inspection to confirm the normal, IPQA signing (SMT office, PCBA office, assembly office) to the production workshop, as one of the basis for production; d. Only after ensuring that the first piece is qualified can it be mass-produced. 5, fixed-point full inspection: sampling inspection and related parameter monitoring in accordance with the "product quality plan" arrangement, by the relevant responsible persons to implement and make a record. 6, unqualified products treatment: the unqualified products found in the production process are carried out in accordance with the "Unqualified Products Control Procedures".


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