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Detailed description of the new product trial production process

author: click::276 Publication time:2022-07-15

Customers pay attention to the trial production of new products after the completion of design and process preparation, but before the formal production, with the purpose of verifying whether the new product design can achieve the expected quality and effect. 

The detailed process flow of the new product trial production is now fully explained in ten steps, hoping to help customers. First, the process preparation: 1) reference drawings: the process department statistics of the trial production project reference drawings and related information. 2) Process output file: Determine whether the process output file has been issued. Process output files include: a. BOM file: circuit board BOM, bare machine BOM, packaging BOM, accessory (product) BOM, etc. b. PCBA worker: PCB splicing diagram: sent to the printing board factory of the printing board processingAsk (Length, width, thickness, splicing method, etcc. Stencil production document: SMT required for external processing of SMT to make stencil PCB smd chart: provide veneer size, placement description d. PCBA welding work instructions: outsourcing contractor circuit board soldering processing requirements. e. Inspection documents: finished product inspection procedures, factory inspection report. f. Debugging work instructions: the content includes chip program burning, circuit board program burning, electrical parameter testing, functional testing. g. Assembly work instructions: the content includes the process flow, production configuration table, each station guidance book (based on the production configuration table according to the station written welding, assembly, verification, network configuration and other content). h. Packaging work instructions: guide how to package and verify products. i. Aging operation instructions: guide the aging process of important organic core aging, the aging of the whole machineand aging records.j. Equipment operation guide: equipment safety operating procedures. Trial product process output file two, process internal review: 1) process document review: review whether there are defects. 2) Internal review of the first board prototype: Review whether the circuit board and prototype have design hidden dangers and unreasonable design. 3) Tooling fixture review: review the design and approval cycle of tooling fixture and internal procedures. 4) Understand the PCBA outsourcing processing situation and confirm whether it has an impact on subsequent assembly and debugging. If necessary, briefings are made at the trial preparation meeting and treatment measures are agreed. The minutes of the prenatal process review will be sent by e-mail. Third, the trial production preparation meeting to confirm the content 1, clear trial production objectives: 2, to determine the nature of the trial production trial production includes: 1) customer requirements / new models 2) replacement suppliers 3) design changes / engineering trial 4) conventional experiments 5) engineering experiments 6) increase the mold / engineering trial 7) other 3, reference drawings, BOM, process documents: the process department in the process document after the completion of the internal trial production process review meeting to integrate information to make a notification at the trial production preparation meeting. 4. The planning department of the material complete set confirmation notifies the material complete set. Including information such as the declaration of defects after the production of materials and the arrival date of missing materials. 5. IQC incoming inspection situation: the data content includes the problem points of bad problems, the judgment results, and the judgment person. (Facilitate the verification of accepted defective products and the determination of product assembly conditions affecting the assembly of products during post-assembly). 6. The production department of tooling and equipment allocation evaluates the satisfaction according to the production configuration table. 7. The production department evaluates the personnel allocation according to the production configuration tableSatisfied.8. The trial production division of project members: process collaboration hardware provides debugging and testing technical support. Process co-construction provides assembly technical support. 9. Trial production plan: According to the time confirmed at the trial production preparation meeting, the trial production plan is made and sent to the project members in the form of e-mail. The content of the trial production plan includes personnel training time: production department deployment time (before the formal trial production) trial production start time: the production department determines the trial production time according to the schedule The first inspection time (QA estimate): The total time of the trial production (PE estimate): The trial production summary meeting time (PE estimate): The trial production preparation meeting should fill in the "Sign-in Form", and the minutes of the trial production preparation meeting will be issued after the meeting, and the corresponding questions will determine the completion time and actual completion time of the plan for the unfinished tracking items, and track the completion progress of the corresponding responsible person. And the day before the trialA notice is issued stating the reason for the delay and the planned completion time The production department re-determines the trial production time according to the planned completion time. 4. Personnel training meeting1. Product introduction, make a preliminary understanding of the trial product 2, the understanding of each component of the product 3, the explanation of process documents (process flow, configuration, key stations and precautions, inspection points, safety matters) 4, sample assembly process description and demonstration. Fill in the product trial production training (instruction) record form during the training. Fifth, the first piece of the trial production product 1, during the trial production by the project leader, R & D engineers, process engineers, quality engineers on-site guidance of production. 2. Number of first pieces: 5 sets of monitor products; There are 10 sets of handheld products, finger clip products and accessory products. 3. First article inspection: The production fills in the first inspection report and submits it to the quality department for inspection. 4. The quality department is in the first placeAll tests of the first product and reply to the test results at one time,5. The relevant technical personnel will do the first review at the trial production site according to the results of the first inspection to confirm whether it is possible to carry out subsequent batch trial production (trial production continues or suspend) The first production of the trial production product is six, the batch trial production is carried out after the first piece is passed, and the production data statistics in the trial production process: The production department truthfully counts the proportion of material defects and the bad ratio of each test process, and notifies the material situation in a timely manner. All data is provided to the process engineer on a daily basis. According to the data provided by the production, the process engineer counts the assembly, testing and other issues in the entire production process. 2. The process classifies the statistical data analysis and classification, and agrees with the relevant personnel to propose solutions. 3. Hold a summary meeting on the spot after the end of the trial delivery every day, and make changes for the next day for the bad performance of the dayGood solution. The production department and the quality control department are the main information data providers in the trial production stage, and the process department is the information data aggregation and analysis party.4. The process is arranged in the trial production process, the assembly line is optimized, the working hours are recorded and the production capacity is counted. 5. During trial production, the production department should record the following table 5.1 chip burning: If you want to burn the chip before the PCB board outsourcing contractor, you need to fill in the chip burning procedure record form .xls. 5.2 Debugging: When debugging, you need to fill in the dynamic worry rate table, the purpose: to determine the production capacity, view the proportion of defects, determine the key defects, and facilitate process improvement and bad analysis and processing. Repair the defective products after commissioning and fill in the bad circuit board test records. 5.3 Assembly: Semi-finished products, finished products, data upload, network configuration stages respectively fill in the dynamic worry rate table. Fill in the repair note when repairingRecord. to the testRework machines should also be filled in with maintenance records.5.4 Materials: The production of each material loss of the trial production machine type records the material defect statistics table. The content of the material defect statistics table includes the number of picking, the number of uses, the number of bad incoming materials, and the production loss. The operators of the docking material work station fill in the material defect record form, and the production department fills in the material bad statistics table after the statistics. 5.5 Inspection: QC makes statistics on the total number of trial production inspections, defective rates, problem points, working hours, and personnel, and summarizes them. Note: When the attachment is mass trial production, you only need to fill in the "Attachment Product Process Quality Statistics Form". 6. Show the form before the "trial production summary meeting" of the process department: 6.1 Trial production process problem record: Record the problem content found in the trial production according to functional problems, structural problems, poor materials, production and assembly problems, and record the trial productionand post-processing measures in .6.2, trial production process records: according to the dynamic rate table of production records to summarize the production capacity and defect rate in the trial production. The temporary shutdown time during the trial production process is also recorded. 6.3, maintenance record table: according to the production in the commissioning and assembly stage recorded maintenance records to summarize the key defects, and feedback to the relevant departments for control and improvement. 6.4, loss rate: according to the production record of the material defect statistics table to make statistics and determine the loss rate and control the production loss and poor incoming material feedback to the supplier through IQC. Seven, the process internal review 1.Process document review: the review documents are missing and need to be improved, the places that need to be paid attention to in the future 1.1 reference drawings: for the trial production project reference drawings and related information by the various departments of the factory to put forward whether it is neededUpdate and update requirements, and the process department tracks the progress of the update.1.2 Process output file: Determine whether the process output file needs to be updated and updated content. 1.3 Understand the PCBA outsourcing processing situation, confirm the PCBA problems and their improvement. Outstanding and other needs are reported at the trial production wrap-up meeting and treatment is agreed upon. The minutes of the post-trial process review will be sent out by e-mail. 1.4 PcBA outsourcing processing issues are summarized by the process department. For those that need to be solved and other needs, they will be reported at the trial production summary meeting, and agree on solutions for rectification. And after the meeting, the trial production review meeting minutes were issued 2.Tooling fixture review: review the effect of tooling fixture use, and what needs to be improved in the future.3.Trial production overall review: Review the problems encountered in the trial production process, and goodGood solutions, mutual exchange of trial production experience, post-trial process review will be sent out in the form of e-mail minutes.PCBA trial production first piece eight, process summary 1, production overview: a brief introduction to the trial production of each stage of the operation time, the number of people used, the equipment used, etc. 2. Material situation: whether to meet the production preparation and planning needs, whether there are temporary measures and long-term treatment measures for poor incoming materials and bad incoming materials. See Material Defect Statistics Table 1.1 PCB and PCBA Production 1.2 PCB board splicing and printed board processing. 1.3 Problems such as welding, handling, and poor design exposed in the external work of the circuit board. 1.4 How to control the quality of the welding in the circuit board external contractor to ensure (personnel and related inspection equipment). 1.5 The problems in the inspection and debugging of the circuit board can be referred toSee the bad test record of the circuit board, which reflects whether the debugging environment is satisfied, the device is not coming in, and the soldering and design are poor.3. Product assembly situation 3.1 According to the product process flow, feedback the functional problems, structural problems, poor incoming materials and production assembly problems in the trial production and the above problems in the trial production process and post-processing measures. See Trial Process Problem Records and Assembly Phase Maintenance Records. 3.2 Special instructions for key workstations: such as high temperature aging, high voltage, leakage current measurement, data upload, network configuration, bare metal inspection, packaging, etc. 3.3 According to the process flow, the process analysis of each workstation: possible remnants, and propose solutions. 4. Process documents 4.1 explain the completion of process documents before trial delivery, and update process documents after trial deliveryBright.4.2 Process evaluation and process bottleneck description. 5. Tooling and equipment description of tooling and equipment in trial production, performance and effect verification of new tooling and equipment, etc. 6. Suggestions and suggestions for improving product design craftsmanship simply list the problems exposed by the design. In order to improve the level of product process, some reasonable suggestions can be added to avoid residual hidden dangers. 7. The process summary conclusion evaluates the production capacity (can see the trial production process record), the rationality of the process, and the processing capacity, and evaluates the expected effect after the process opinions and suggestions are well improved. Then give the conclusion of the process department on the trial production 9, after the completion of the trial production to hold a trial production summary meeting 1, after the trial production, the process department will organize the project team members to hold a "trial production summary meeting" to negotiate on the problems in the trial production process recordout of long-term solutions. After the meeting, the long-term solution negotiated is classified and verified, classified as functional design problems, structural design problems, assembly problems by process verification, and incoming material problems by process and processIQC Co-Validation. 2. Gather the problems encountered by various departments of the factory, negotiate solutions with the project team members, and rectify them according to the consultation plan after the meeting. Lay a good foundation for later mass production. 3. Update of reference drawings, BOM and process documents: The process department will hold a post-trial process review meeting internally after the trial production is completed. 10. After the trial production summary report "trial production summary meeting", the process department organizes the filling in the "trial production summary report" and submits it to the project management department. In the "Trial Production Summary Report", the person in charge of the process has a view on the rationality of the process,Equipment processing capacity, production capacity to evaluateprice, make factory conclusions and recommendations for trial production. And attached to the process department trial production summary report. The content of the trial production summary report of the process department is as follows: Note: The process is lined up during the trial production process, the working hours are recorded, and the process documents and production configuration are updated after the trial production.


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