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PCB board substrate sample test items

author: click::292 Publication time:2022-07-19

PCB plate substrate sample test project PCB new material (supplier) sample test record table experiment date: form number: version: A1NO project and condition determination standard measured value test method 123451 appearance burrs, pad window, line protrusion visual situation 2 size long caliper width caliper plate thick caliper key aperture needle gauge 3 solderability test surface at least 95% of the place has good wetting and only small pinholes,

 The remaining part is allowed to have no wetting and trachoma but these defects can not be concentrated in the same area of tin bath temperature 288±5 ° C, impregnation for 2-3 seconds 4 heat resistance substrate does not warp, coating fracture, foaming interlayer bubble solder mask peeling (OK/NG) thermal shock 288±5 °C, 10S, 3 times 5 withstand pressure test whether there is fire, flying arc ( OK/NG) printed board: normal atmospheric conditions AC1000V, leakage current 5mA, 1min) (C-96/35/90) after recovery, AC500V, 1min aluminum substrate: breakdown voltage (DC500V, leakage current 5mA, 60S) 6 cold and hot shock copper foil peeling, whether the ink surface has an effect (refer to laboratory reports) (OK/NG) 100 °C placed for 15 minutes, -40 °C for 15 minutes, Cycle 1000 times 7 solvent resistance test ink surface has no impact acetone solvent wipe test 89 opinion tester: review: form development department: technical center shelf life: four years


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