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FY2016 Quality Target Improvement Plan

author: click::326 Publication time:2022-07-21

Production management I: 2016 Quality Target Improvement Plan (P) For the achievement of quality targets in 2016, the improvement plan is formulated, the planning process is as follows: The main process of the project implementation category 2015 Process Responsible Worker 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 2 Month ~ March second quarter P data statistical analysis monthly statistics non-performant statistical goals set 2015 target setting D goals to be achieved due to the analysis of process quality production departments responsible person verification follow-up countermeasures to improve C effect confirmation data comparison A horizontal standardized field audit 2016 quality target improvement plan 1.1, 2015 quality status double panel overall scrap / M25379.74 serial number defect name scrap ruler / M2 scrap ratio / % proportion of scrap / % of the main scrapping process 1 Bad electrical measurement 2448.014.56% 45.50% DF/DES/Drilling/Cutting/Copper Plating2 Crush Wound 816.831.52% 60.69% DES/Press-Fit/Gold Plating/Punching 3PI/CVL Bad Foreign Body 647.861.21%72.73%CVL/Punch 4 Exposed Copper 128.020.24%75.11%CVL5 Punch Bad, Crush 134.030.25% 77.60% Punch/ Punching 6 oxidation defect 93.980.18% 79.35% pretreatment / CVL7 gold surface defect 142.180.27% 81.99% electroplating 2015 quality status 1 bad crushing injury 998.623.82% 34.75% etching / gold plating / stamping compression 2 gold surface pollution 468.361.79% 51.04% gold plating/anti-soldering 3 ink defects 311.281.19% 61.88% anti-solder 4 punch type bad 294.301.12% 72.12% punching /drilling 5 backing defect 130.920.50% 76.67% assembly 6 side erosion defects 136.290.52% 81.41% etching 2015 quality status quo 21.2, 2015 quality problem point 1 double-panel electrical measurement defective machine 1.Module January-February 2014 due to the abnormal residual glue defects of pretreatment equipment increased, resulting in poor electrical measurement exceeding the standard 1.Electroplating on the machine for full line maintenance, improve residual glue defects; 2 single and double panel ink defective machine 1.February 5016/5369/5466 ink anomalies led to anti-soldering after the ink was scrapped 61PNL/60PNL/4PNL 2.4819 scrapped due to pre-treatment card board crease 213PNL1. Procurement looking for new suppliers, process testing of new inks. 2. The equipment has been repaired OK3 single-panel gold surface defect machine, design, person in March 2014 due to drilling equipment abnormalities caused by drilling deviation 5273/5375 scrapped 180PNL/12PNL; 5219# 681PNL was abnormally scrapped due to engineering data; 5065 60PNL of gold pollution due to externalized gold face pollution; Black hole abnormality 5273 due to hole breakage scrap 197PNL1.machine spindle manufacturer maintenance and repair; 2. the project to prevent stupidity, data third review; 3. suppliers to find the source of abnormalities, test improvement 4 single panel crushing wound material 1-3 months antenna material mass production all imported PI1/2min special materials, crushing wounds poor rise process test patch PET improvement defective 5 single and double panel crushing wound materials, machine * April minutes due to black hole syrup in the continuous test stability, in the test process led to scrapping 5286 # scrap 939PNL; * In April, the antenna etching machine could not produce all the external operations in the demolition plant, and the external manufacturer etching machine could not be fully automatic, resulting in poor crushing injury and exceeding the standard black hole syrup test its stability 6 single and double panel SMT, crimping wound material, 

machine 1.5 month gold syrup abnormality caused 5657/4964 # SMT after the push was insufficient to scrap parts 18024pcs/525pcs. 2. Single fabric no. 5557 # was first developed and mass-produced, due to poor wrinkles in the decorative film, resulting in excessive standards 3. All external etching of the antenna, the proportion of crushing injuries accounted for 40%, bad scrap of about 108 square meters 1.Chemical gold potion from the original hard nickel to soft nickel, the test has been OK. 2. Single fabric number decorative film to add naughty holes, increase the assembly of rolling exhaust caused by wrinkles, has been improved OK3.Etching machine is expected to return to the factory in August, this project to be improved 7 single-panel gold face bad material 1.July antenna Xinwei material number due to PET abnormalities caused by gold face redness bad scrap 29K. 2.5031 due to the compression of the wrong station caused by the omission of printing text scrapped 131PNL This project has been followed up to test the new PET, short-term change process punching and then manual label packaging, to avoid gold surface contact with the rubber surface 2015 quality problems point 8 single panel gold surface defect machine 8/9/10 three months antenna material number due to gold plated gold cylinder filtration system blockage caused by gold face red and gold, 5741/42, 5751/52 and other material numbers due to material ups and downs led to poor punching and cutting, resulting in the overall yield is not up to standard 1.Eye analysis is 3# gold cylinder abnormality, gold plated gold cylinder has been maintained, filtration system re-rectification; 2. The material expansion and contraction process has changed the rise and contraction value of the bill of lading, the punching module is fully open precision mold 9 double-panel electrical measurement poor environment 1.Module September 5709/5528/5479/5657/5715 Continuous electrical measurement poor exceeds the standard by about 5%-6%, the main foreign body is connected / foreign body is broken / residual glue is connected, and the hole breaking electrical measurement of 5875/5365 exceeds the standard. 2. Antenna September several large material number 5410/5751/5754/5752/5492/5741 crushing injuries serious over-standard defects are around 10% 1.The air conditioning of the DF workshop around the middle of September in the early stage has abnormalities, dust exceeds the standard, foreign matter rises, and now it is following up to improve the yield rate. 2. The main defect of the antenna crushing injury is not easy to control due to the material is too thin production process, the gold-plated washing production is not easy to control, the crushing injury exceeds the standard, and it is currently required to review and improve the 10 double-sided hole breaking method 1.September double-sided module material number 5528 # scrapped due to copper plating hole breaking 324PNL, 5479 # gold pad leakage scrapped 200PNL; 2. October module 5910 # hole break scrap 207PNL, 5554 # hole break scrap 125PNL1.Black hole hole break abnormality by the manufacturer with the line analysis weekly particle size analysis, timely inverted groove to add syrup; 2. gold leakage follow-up for BGA printing and anti-soldering product gold production brush speed reduced / 2m, activation time extended 1Min11 double-panel crushing machine 1. December module material number 3262 # due to punching crush scrap 1.2K, 5528 # punching crush scrap 182PNL; 2. Due to the abnormal dust of DF air conditioning filtration caused by the rise of foreign matter in the module, 5479, 4908, 5476, 5300 have gold leakage phenomenon, resulting in poor electrical measurement exceeding the standard 1.Punch punch mold foreign body causes crush injury, follow-up punch every 2H cleaning correction; 2.DF air conditioning filtration has been greatly rectified and maintained OK, gold infiltration gold replacement nickel cylinder has been improved OK12 single-panel salt fog NG method 1.December 6185, 6184 salt fog NG scrapped 366pnl, 675pnl1. At present, the new process has been changed to the sealed hole treatment after FR4 press-fit baking 1.3, and the quality target for 2016 is set ( T) According to the quality achievement and non-performance conditions in 2014, set the quality target for the quarterly stage of the 2015 fiscal year, and improve the target for the 2014 bad projects as follows: Monthly Product Type 2014 January to March Target 4 to June Target 7 to 9 Target 10 to December Target Double-sided Module 90% 93% 94% 95% 96% Single-sided Antenna 88% 91% 92% 94% 96% 2016 Quality Target Set II : 2015 Quality Improvement Implementation Plan (D) Project Improvement Program Improvement Project and Effect Completion Time Line Defect 1 Cleanroom Environment Monthly External School to Ensure Environmental Compliance, Filtration Circulation System Conducts Spot Inspection and Maintenance Once a Week. 2. The yield stability test of the alder line 1.At present, the overall yield of the line is stable, the defect is about 2%-3%, and the stability of the poor plating gold plating syrup in February is controlled to the best, and the process department assists in the monthly testing and comparison of the performance, environment and products, giving the best value of the production conditions, and the dosing analysis yuan is trained every six months so far, and the batch of gold batch is not bad, and the production control is stable In January plating / Pore layer in order to ensure the uniformity of the plating pore layer, to prevent the occurrence of hole breaks and other serious performance defects, black hole syrup monthly carbon diameter particle analysis by the manufacturer continuous follow-up monthly equipment maintenance equipment / mold maintenance maintenance maintenance every Saturday on the equipment for spot inspection and maintenance, by the power to assist the production of horizontal line equipment focus on maintenance, to prevent abnormal occurrence of card board continuous improvement monthly 2015 quality improvement implementation plan crush fracture control source, single-sided antenna has been tested into the light Wire and device roll automatic production, to avoid artificial material loosening caused by poor folding has been introduced, stable monthly gold surface defects to reduce the oxidation reaction of the gold surface due to antenna causes adverse test after gold plating to increase the gold layer oxidation test in August ink 1.personnel training one-to-one, to ensure that printing / ink personnel on each operation position proficiency, reduce personnel caused by ink defects 2.Ink storage, pre-production confirmation, blending, mixing / Shock by special personnel to carry out the operation 3.Surface treatment control before the incoming material, beyond 48H need to be re-surface treatment to continue to follow up every month


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