How long is the shelf life of the PCB board

2022-07-22 460

Production managementIn order to better manage the way PCB board is saved, to improve quality and better meet customer needs. In general, all relevant departments of the company and PCB board suppliers and SMT factory suppliers will formulate the PCB board storage period, so how long is the shelf life of the PCB board?

 Let's divide it by department: PCB board storage car 1.Purchasing department 1.1 Procurement department When ordering PCB board materials, PCB board suppliers are required to vacuum pack 2 Warehouse Department 2.1 PcB board storage can not be exposed to direct sunlight environment, to maintain good warehouse conditions (relative temperature: 15-30 °C, relative humidity: 30-70%, storage period of 6 months) 2.2 empty board beyond the use of the period, you can negotiate to return the manufacturer for heavy industry. 2.3 The processed patch is placed at a constant temperature and humidity (temperature 22-27 ° C, humidity: 45-65%) under the shelf life of 15 days, at room temperature can not exceed 3 days, 2.4 processed patch PCB board if the use exceeds the term, or PCB board oxidation, then scrap treatment. 2.5 From the processing of the patch PCB board back to the warehouse to the production line, back and forth can not exceed 10 days PCB board storage period is how long is 3 quality control department 3.1IQC incoming inspection, empty PCB incoming material should be vacuum packaging. 3.2 Process the PCB board according to the "PCB Board Semi-finished Products Receiving Standards" inspection. 4 PATCH processing (external) 4.1 should maintain a good workshop environment, relative humidity 40-60%, relative temperature of 22-27 ° C, the operation process requires a non-polluting mask and gloves, the production process as far as possible to avoid contact with the PCB board by hand 4.2 vacuum packaging disassembly, the empty plate to complete the patch processing within 3 days. 4.3 Process the PCB board to use the PCB board anti-static bracket transportation and placement.