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SMT workshop air shower room operation specifications

author: click::320 Publication time:2022-07-26

Production management SMT workshop air shower room 1, program purpose to ensure the normal operation of the machine.2, the scope of application applies to SMT wind shower.3, the main responsibilities 3.1.The equipment group is responsible for the adjustment of the machine.3.2.The cleaner is responsible for the surface cleaning of the machine.4, the program content 4.1 The use of the air shower room 4.1.1.Entering the SMT purification workshop must be entered by the air shower channel, and it is strictly forbidden for all personnel to enter the purification workshop from the workshop exit. 4.1.2. Change the anti-static clothing, put on the anti-static shoes before entering the wind channel, any personnel without wearing anti-static clothing is prohibited from entering. 4.1.3. After entering the air shower room, gently close the front door, step on the sticky pad with both feet to remove the dust first, then stay in the position of the infrared sensor switch and wait for the wind to shower. 4.1.4. When the wind is wet, the hands are raised and rotated 360 degrees. 

4.1.5. Receive the air shower for 10 seconds before each nozzle can push the back door into the SMT purification workshop. 4.1.6. Enter the air shower if there is no wind blowing out of each nozzle, please pay attention to check: 4.1.7. Whether the power indicator is a little bright, if it is not lit, turn on the power switch. 4.1.8. Whether the front and rear doors are closed, reopen and close the front and rear doors in turn. 4.1.9. Whether to stay in the position of the infrared induction switch. 4.1.10. The number of people in the wind shower room shall not exceed 8 people at a time. 4.2 Cleaning and spot checking of the air shower room 4.2.1 Each nozzle in the air shower room should be cleaned once a week with a clean wet rag to keep each sprinkler clean, and make corresponding records on the "SMT Air Shower Room Daily Inspection and Maintenance Record Table". 4.2.2 The sticky dust pad is replaced every day to keep the sticky dust pad clean. 5. Operation safety precautions 5.1 In the weekly and monthly maintenance, it is necessary to cut off the power to clean and maintain, so as not to electrocute the maintenance personnel due to improper operation.5.2 Pay attention not to damage the sensor during maintenance, and prevent the equipment from being damaged due to improper operation during maintenance. 5.3 In the entry and exit, maintenance should pay attention to accidentally pinch the hand when closing the door 6, refer to the document "Wind Shower Room Operation Specification" 7, the program form "Wind Shower Room Daily Inspection and Maintenance Record Table"


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