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Operation process of IPD enterprise core project in each stage

author: click::593 Publication time:2022-08-08

Integrated Product Development (IPD) is a set of models, concepts and methods of product development. IPD product development process is clearly divided into six stages: concept, planning, development, verification, release and life cycle, and there are clearly defined decision review points in the process. The reviews at these review points are no longer technical reviews, but business reviews, paying more attention to the market positioning and profitability of products. The evaluation points have consistent measurement standards, and only after the specified work has been completed can one decision point enter the next decision point. The following is a typical product development process: IPD Core Project Management System Framework A) At the beginning of the conceptual stage, once IPMT thinks the ideas of new products, new services and new markets are valuable, they will form and appoint PDT members. IPD conceptual stage flow chart 

b) PDT understands the future market, collects information and makes business plans. The business plan mainly includes market analysis, product overview, competitive analysis, production and supply plan, market plan, customer service support plan, project schedule and resource plan, risk assessment and risk management, financial overview and other information, all of which should be considered and determined from the perspective of business to ensure that the enterprise can finally make a profit.