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New product development process

author: click::622 Publication time:2022-08-09

according to the market demand, the marketing department puts forward suggestions for new product development or structural improvement; Quality inspection department and after-sales service put forward product improvement suggestions according to compensation information feedback and current production quality control. Among them, new product development suggestions need to write a feasibility analysis report. 

2. For new product development projects and major structural improvement projects, the technical director of the company will hold a special meeting to discuss the feasibility, and if feasible, the feasibility analysis report will be submitted to the guild for discussion. 

3. The office meeting of the company will decide whether the development project is approved or not. 

4. For the project approved by the office meeting, the general management department will issue the design task book to the technical department, and the technical department will form a project team composed of members of the quality inspection department, production department and marketing department, formulate the development content, division of labor and work progress, and advance according to the progress. 

5. The project team completes the design scheme and product design calculation, etc., and the company holds relevant experts to conduct design review. After the design review is passed, it will enter the product trial production stage. When the design fails to pass the review, the project team needs to improve the design or scheme and conduct the second round of review until it passes. 

6. In the process of product trial production, the design scheme and process scheme are verified, the product design drawing is improved, and the physical cost of the product is preliminarily calculated.

 7, the project organization personnel to test the trial sample, and make a test report. 

8. After the test is completed, the company will organize a review team (from the marketing department, production department, quality inspection department and other relevant leaders and experts) to review and accept the samples. If it is a new product development project, the acceptance content includes product structure, function, performance, purchase list, instruction manual, inspection standard, manufacturing process, etc. If it is a major structural improvement project, the acceptance content includes structure, function, performance, manufacturing process, etc. 

9. The project team will further improve the problems raised by the review team, and if necessary, the improved samples can be reviewed for the second time. After the acceptance, the new product will enter the commercial production preparation and structural improvement project, and a formal notice of product change can be issued. The existing products will be produced according to the new structure. 

10. While preparing for the production of new products, report to the state for automobile announcement, environmental announcement, "CCC" certification, etc. If you need to apply for a national patent, you can apply for a patent to the relevant state departments. Note: