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What preparations should be made before the reflow oven is operated?

author: click::402 Publication time:2022-08-11

(1) Check whether the power supply is a three-phase four-wire power supply with specified rated voltage and current. 

(2) Check whether the main power supply is connected to the machine. 

(3) Check whether the equipment is well grounded. 

(4) Check whether the hot air motor is loose. 

(5) Check whether the conveyor belt is derailed during transportation.

(6) Check the lubrication condition of each roller bearing seat. 

(7) Check whether the emergency switch located at the end of the entrance and exit pops up. 

(8) Check whether UPS works normally. 

(9) Ensure that the exhaust passages at the inlet and outlet of reflow oven are connected with the ventilation duct of the factory with corrugated flexible pipes. 

(10) Check whether the wiring sockets in the electric control box are plugged in well. 

(11) Ensure that the transport chain does not fall off from the guide groove in the furnace. 

(12) Check whether the transmission of the transport chain is normal, and ensure that it is free from extrusion and jamming, and that the chain meshes well with each sprocket without falling off. 

(13) Ensure that the width-adjusting chain at the front of the machine meshes well with each sprocket without falling off. 

(14) Ensure that the connecting cables of the computer and electric control box are connected correctly with the two sockets. 

(15) Ensure that the components and connectors in the computer and electric control box are in good contact without looseness. 

(16) Check that the panel power switch is in the (OFF) state. 

(17) Ensure that the supporting documents in the computer are complete. 

(18) Check all parts of the machine to ensure that there are no other foreign bodies.


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