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Calculation method of SMT chip number

author: click::243 Publication time:2022-10-30

At present, SMT products mainly include lead-free soldering process, lead soldering process and red glue soldering process. The method of calculating points is the same, but the price is different. The standard calculation method of SMT chip number in the whole industry (most chip foundry enterprises) is as follows: SMT chip number calculation method; chip type: NO chip name calculation number remarks 1 capacitor, resistance (0402-1210) 1 2 capacitor, resistance (below 0402) 2 too small to throw materials 3 second and third-level tubes 1.5 directional 4 tantalum capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, 2. If the inductance component is large, count 4 points 5 SOP, 3 pins for QFP chip/1 pin for QFP chip, 2 pins for BGA chip/1 pin for BGA chip, 7 rows of needle seats, 3 pins for 1 pin for 1 point, minimum count 3 points, 8 pins for other special-shaped components (according to the actual situation), 2 pins/ Minimum calculation of 3 points at 1 point plug-in category: NO SMD name calculation points Remarks 1 electrolytic capacitor, power socket, Y capacitor, diode, etc. 1 pin/meter 1 point 2 pin/meter 1 point minimum calculation 2 points 3 post-soldered component with larger foot pad 1 pin/meter 2 points multiple calculation of normal point 4 other commonly used components 2 pins/meter 1 point calculation according to the actual situation.


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