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High-Speed Intelligent BGA Mounting System Small Components pick place machine desk

author: click::213 Publication time:2023-05-05

How many manual workers can be replaced by a pick-and-place machine?

Surface mount technology (SMT) machines have revolutionized the electronic assembly process by significantly reducing the need for manual labor. These machines are used to place tiny electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs) with great precision and efficiency. Before the introduction of SMT machines, electronic components were attached to PCBs through through-hole technology. This involved manually drilling holes in the PCBs and placing the components through them, which was a tedious and time-consuming process. With the advent of SMT machines, however, this process has become much easier and faster. These machines utilize a range of technologies, such as pick-and-place systems and conveyor belts, to quickly and accurately place electronic components onto PCBs. One of the biggest advantages of SMT machines is their ability to automate the assembly process. This means that companies can significantly reduce their reliance on manual labor and save money on labor costs. Additionally, since SMT machines can work around the clock without getting tired or making mistakes, they can significantly increase production output and reduce turnaround times. Despite their advantages, SMT machines are not without their limitations. For example, they may not be suitable for assembling certain types of electronic components, such as components that require unique or unconventional shapes. Additionally, SMT machines can be expensive and require significant upfront investment. Overall, SMT machines have become an integral part of the electronic assembly process, allowing companies to significantly reduce their reliance on manual labor and increase production output. While they may not be suitable for all types of electronic components, their benefits make them a valuable tool for electronic manufacturers.

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Products Description
Number of feeders
Number of IC tray
Number of cameras
Number of heads
Average power
Positioning precision
The buffer range of suction nozzle
Power supply
220V, 50/60Hz
Compressed air
Drive motor
Panasonic servo motor
Vacuum source of suction nozzle
high-speed on-off vacuum generator with vacuum breaker
Maximum circuit board area
Maximum travel scope in Z axis
Tape feeder
8, 12, 16, 24mm and vibration suction (mounting pipe chip)
Maximum mounting speed
Average mounting speed of actual mounting resistance
XYZ drive guide rail
TBI high-precision reloading linear guide rail
Motion drive system
Panasonic high-speed DSP drive
Operating system
full-automatic chip mounter operating system independentlydeveloped by Huawei Guochuang based on Windows
operating systemand it supports windows xp
win7 operating system
Element angle
0-360°, synchronous rotation during movement
X/Y operation mode
intelligent curve of the linear acceleration and deceleration linkage
MARK point positioning
full-automatic (the MARK point can be adjust at will)
Intelligent alarm
automatic correction, automatic filling, feeding shortage alarm
Plate entering mode
automatic connection from left to right in single sectionsautomatic PCB transfer positioning. /plunger positioning

manual plate feeding.
Visual display
17-inch industrial control display, 4:3, resolution: 1280 x1024
Number of recognition cameras
One Mark recognition camera, four quick-recognition cameras and one precise-recognition camera
Adaptive mounting scope
Adaptive to 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, diode, audion, SOT, QFPwithin 40*40mm and the pin distance ≥0.3mm

(0.5mm center distance) and BGA
Product weight

SMT pick and place machine 7000pcs/h hwt444f High speed intelligent stability high three days delivery of wooden boxes NO1